The Shadow Over Wallstreet

Fantastic Origins
FATE Core Game and Character Creation

Session 1

FATE creates the world, important NPCs, characters, their skills and back stories during the first session of play. Below are the three adventures that happened before the first date of actual gameplay in more or less chronological order.

Valentino Smith

VS: Running from the law, I fled into a Manhattan conference hall, where I was mistaken for and assumed the identity of Valentino Smith, lead archivist for New York’s Grand Library. Master of Subterfuge

Dr: I went to see an Old Friend, who was to give a lecture series on the Occult as the new Lead Archivist of the Grand Library. Noticing the man being introduced was a fraud and in disbelief that anyone would allow this, I attempted to out the criminal. Incapable of Ignoring Injustice

WR: Family obligations led me to host and organize a benefit for the library, or something or other, and the responsibility of speaker introductions fell upon me. After the introduction of our keynote speaker was finished, one of my boyfriends dropped to one knee and began to propose. Shocked and disgusted, I threw a punch knocking him across the stage and into our jazz band. Stronger than I Look

Dr. Andrew John Smith

Dr: I’ve seen horrible things during the war, but nobody’s believed the worst. When a patient entered the psychiatric ward of one of New York’s most cutting edge and prestigious hospitals, I was determined to get to the bottom of it and stop these visions for both of us. However, a private investigator took incriminating photos during a series of overnight tests. The ensuing story sold to yellow journals was spun as “Mad Doctor Tortures the Insane”. I was humiliated, lost my job and name. Obsessed with the Occult

WR: My cousin Sandra had been complaining of dark visions and going on about absolutely frightful, terrible things. Our family had her admitted to one of the best psychiatric wards in the country, but when I went to visit her condition had worsened and she looked so dreadful that I had to know for certain what was going on. I hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of this. I couldn’t believe the monsters in the pictures, but everyone swore there was nothing in them but a tortured soul. My Family Comes First

VS: I had read about Andrew torturing his patient’s, but I could see the monsters in each. This doctor seemed to know more, and I was going to need him eventually. I had to help him, and I didn’t care who in the legal system I had to exploit to do it. Manipulates Others for Personal Gain

Williamina J. Rockefeller

Dr. I wanted to make some inroads with some new coworkers I met at the Asylum under my new identity. They both mentioned they’d have their girl waiting for them there so I was worried I’d be a fifth wheel, but as luck would have it, they were both dating the same girl. Why Does this Always Happen Around Me?

WR: When you’re as popular as me it can be hard keeping track of a few things, like which boyfriend you are meeting at which bar. After a brief tussle, they decided, of all things, that I was the problem and turned on me! It’s a good thing I was able to bat some lashes at the barkeep, Tiny Gabe, as he was able to take care of it for me. Master Manipulator of Men

VS: Things have been hectic ever since I stepped foot in Manhattan, so I decided to relax a bit. Have a slow night to myself, drinking illegally to light jazz. That all came to an end when two large men started a fight over some domestic issue. Then the bartender had mistakes me for someone who gives a damn and asks me to help. I can look pretty scary given the right lighting conditions and my night was already ruined anyways so I begrudgingly help. Intimidating Presence


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