Williamina J. Rockefeller



  • High Concept: Obnoxious Flapper Girl
  • Trouble: Trust Fund Baby
  • Master Manipulator of Men
  • My Family Comes First
  • Stronger Than I Look

Great +4: Resources
Good +3: Athletics, Contacts
Fair +2: Provoke, Investigate, Fight
Average +1: Will, Empathy, Notice, Physique


  • Money Talks: You can use Resources instead of Rapport in any situation where displays of material wealth might aid your cause.
  • Dazing Counter: When you succeed with style on a defend action against an opponent’s Fight roll, you automatically counter with some sort of nerve punch or stunning blow. You get to attach the Dazed situation aspect to your opponent with a free invoke, instead of just a boost.
  • Attention to Detail: You can use Investigate instead of Empathy to defend against Deceive attempts.

h4. TBD

Physical Stress
1[..] 2[..] 3[..]

Mental Stress
1[..] 2[..] 3[..]

2. Mild: none
4. Moderate: none
6. Severe: none


Williamina J. Rockefeller

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